Empathy Building...

This is a project I was lucky to work on with Travis Abels and a team of other amazing creatives. Curious Ear is an empathy-building project where you can share what's on your mind with someone you may never otherwise meet. The idea is to bridge divides and break down barriers between demographically disparate groups: Young and old. Black and white. Red and blue. Homeowners and the homeless. With more understanding and compassion for each other, more people get to know, understand and lend an ear (and a hand!) when others need it most.

It starts with two 7-foot tall installations: a giant ear and a giant mouth. Record into the ear (a story, wish or secret based on a prompt provided, like "What do you wish you would have told them?"). And someone across the city can listen at the mouth.The ear "listens" and the mouth "speaks." I helped concept the initial ear, animate a visual intro and some other elements of the custom app, and create a custom typeface. Find out more, listen to stories, find an event or get involved at!


Explainer Video

Screen Savers


Recording Screen and Typeface


Prototype Process